Statische Feierabendprojekte

Since it has now been quite a while since I started my first github project, even for myself it's a bit hard to keep track of them.


A small program for pupils to learn addition and subtraction.

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zahlenmauer screenshot

Ascii Art Movie Editor

Minimalistic way to create animated text sequences.

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ascii movie editor screenshot

Black Out

The Japanese name is Fakutishori. A game.

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WP-JSON Viewer

A mini.css styled minimal frontend for the wordpress JSON-API.

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wp-json viewer

Latin Square Dance

Visualization and generation of Latin squares

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square dance


A small robot that can be programmed online.

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Contribution Pixel Messages

The slowest updating display: 52x7 pixels in one year.

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Create sticky notes and move them around.

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Starfield 404

Visit the emptyness.

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A binary General Anzeiger puzzle.

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Split your bills with your friends. Share it in one link.

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Clone of some famous game nobody ever played. It has an additional rule: When you manage to connect left and right boundary with a uni-colored line (must not be straight) little explosions will free your way.

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All Pages

Showcase of all my github pages. Wait - this is the very page you are on. Inception.

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Realworld Mithril

Showcase of my most beloved browser abstraction toolkit.

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A Schüttelreim is a double rhyme that exchanges the first consonants of the two words to find a rhyme pair.

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Make your way through the letters to find the longest and most unique word before the others.

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Counting Binary

Practice to do it up to 1024 with your fingers.

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A small library providing the composition of tagl and mithril.

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A small collection of puzzles and little web experiments.

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Name your child. Gather childnames you and your partner like. The app is hosted on heroku. It's frontend is using mithril and is connected to the backend via the vertx event-bus.

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Prototype for a web-app to find ecologically beneficial construction materials.

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